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Tralicci e mast towers per antenne e ripetitori
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Introducing our law firm

The Law Firm

TowerLex is a law firm specialised in providing high value-added services in the telecommunications industry.


In a modern and international context TowerLex supports the Client in the complex and structured management of the legal aspects related to the development of business projects with a multidisciplinary approach and a strategic vision.


The many years of experience of the firm's lawyers and their in-depth knowledge of the dynamics that characterise a constantly evolving and increasingly challenging, exigent and competitive market, make TowerLex an indispensable partner to seize every opportunity that the telecommunications industry presents.

Studio di consulenza legale per il settore telecomunicazioni

TowerLex is a law firm

specialising in providing high

value-added services in the telecommunications industry.

Tralicci e mast towers per antenne e ripetitori

Areas of Activity

With its innovative approach, TowerLex works through Business Units, organised by multidisciplinary areas of activity, to provide the Client, considering the particular context and following a careful analysis of specific needs, with a tailor-made solution that is responsive, effective and in line with expectations.

Telecommunication, Media & Technology

Servizi legali per telecommunication, media & technology

High value-added services in the telecommunications, media and new technologies industries

and Infrastructure

Servizi legali per energia e infrastrutture

Considerable expertise in the energy sector and in the development of strategic infrastructures

Commercial, Corporate
& 231 Compliance

Servizi legali per Commercial, Corporate & D. lgs 231/2001

Legal advisor in ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions related to business activity and compliance

Real Estate

Servizi legali per Real estate

Legal advice in real estate with particular reference to telecommunications infrastructures


Servizi legali per Contrattualistica

Drafting of agreements relating to the management of telecommunications infrastructures and plants

Regulatory and
Public Administration

Servizi legali per Pubblica Amministrazione

Interacting with local administrations for the implementation and development of networks and infrastructures in the territory

Public Affairs

Servizi legali per Affari Istituzionali

Handling of institutional relations with the Government, Parliament, Authorities and Central Administrations

Our Offices

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