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Areas of Activity

Immagine di sede istituzionale per lo svolgimento di attività di consulenza legale

TowerLex  Telecommunication Lawyers

Scope of Services offered

TowerLex is committed to supporting its Clients' activities from the earliest planning stages of each project and initiative, interacting in a synergic way in decision-making processes with a proactive and business-oriented approach.


The legal support and consulting services provided by TowerLex professionals are characterized by high standards of technical and specialized skills as well as by the ability to combine and integrate the best practices in each field of activity.


TowerLex is present with its own professionals in the following areas:

Telecommunication, Media & Technology

Schermi, reti e infrastrutture per servizi telecomunicazioni
Icona di un'antenna per servizi legati alle telecomunicazioni, ai media  e alla tecnologia

The constant evolution of the telecommunications industry, the development of new technologies and the increasing diffusion of particular communication methods require high standards of expertise and competence in assessing the complex and articulated regulations that discipline and regulate their application.


In this context, TowerLex's many years of experience in assisting leading companies in transactions aimed at enhancing the value of networks and strategic infrastructures, its in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of these markets and the recognized expertise of its professionals in the diverse telecommunications industry make TowerLex the ideal partner for those who intend to operate in these areas.


Energy and Infrastructure

Impianti per la produzione di energia rinnovabile
Icona di un traliccio per servizi legati alle infrastrutture energetiche e impianti rinnovabili

The multifaceted and complex legal framework governing the production of electricity from renewable energy plants requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant national and EU legislation.


TowerLex professionals have the necessary technical skills to effectively interact with the institutional representatives of public bodies in administrative procedures and, in particular, in the process of issuing permits necessary for the construction of infrastructure and the positioning of plants in the territory. TowerLex also supports the Client in relations with the industry's regulatory authorities and in the procedures necessary for the activation and operation of production plants powered by renewable sources and their connection to the national energy transport and distribution grid.


The legal assistance and consultancy activities also extend to the infrastructure field, where the professionals of the Firm have gained significant experience in the legal and regulatory areas, assisting leading international groups in the definition of M&A transactions relating to the acquisition of networks and strategic telecommunications infrastructure.


Commercial, Corporate & 231 Compliance

Attività e immobili commerciali  per attività di M&A
Icona di professionisti nel ruolo di Legal advisor

TowerLex plays the key role of Legal Advisor assisting the Client in all ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions that are integral to their business activity.


TowerLex provides clients with its expertise in M&A activities in the energy and telecommunications industries, in particular in the planning and definition of corporate transactions for the acquisition or sale of companies aimed at enhancing the value of infrastructural assets intended to host technological systems. An accurate process of preventive legal, economic and financial analysis of the target company (Due Diligence) will allow TowerLex to optimally structure any transaction of potential interest to the Client.


TowerLex professionals boast many years of experience in Corporate Compliance and Organisational Models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, providing consultancy and training to leading international groups in the establishment of the Supervisory Board.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Gruppo di tralicci installati su proprietà immobiliare e real estate
Icona di immobili per servizi di asset, property e investment management

TowerLex provides companies with a wide range of legal and consulting services on real estate law, with an emphasis on industry regulations and the rules applicable to infrastructures and buildings hosting the technological equipment of Telecommunication Operators.

The services offered by TowerLex encompass the full range of needs related to the entire lifecycle of real estate and telecommunications infrastructures: asset, property and investment management, valuation of individual assets as well as of complex real estate portfolios.

Towerlex supports Clients in the management of their assets by verifying, for each individual property or infrastructure, the completeness and accuracy of all contractual, technical, urban planning and fiscal documentation, thereby preparing customized digital data sheets that can be filled in according to the specific needs and indications provided by the Client.

TowerLex activities in the Real Estate field also include the execution of technical, urban and legal due diligence aimed at ensuring the smooth purchase and sale of properties or individual assets.


Professionisti che stabiliscono accordi contrattuali per servizi di Towering
Icona di contratto per supporto contrattualistico per i servizi di Towering

TowerLex supports Clients in the drafting of all contracts relating to the management and valorisation of infrastructures, properties and equipments used by Telecommunication Operators.

More specifically, TowerLex assists the Client in the signing of contractual agreements regulating Towering services (site rental, co-siting, site sharing) and Network Sharing as well, aimed at sharing both active and passive components of the network.


Regulatory and Public Administration

Immagine di palazzo pubblico come sede di attività interlocuzione per adeguamenti tecnologici
Icona di palazzo pubblico per servizi di interlocuzione con Enti e Amministrazioni locali

TowerLex specialises in assisting Local Public Authorities in interacting with all stakeholders involved in the planning, implementation, modification and technological adaptation of telecommunications infrastructures. 

The highly specialistic services offered by TowerLex in the telecommunication industry allow the public administration to proceed with the drawing up of agreements, memoranda of understanding, partnerships as well as the drafting of specific and particular types of contracts the content of which is in accordance with the expectations of the Local Authorities.


Public Affairs

Palazzo pubblico sede di attività di rapporto per autorizzazioni e e abilitazioni
Icona di palazzo pubblico per servizi di rapporto con Authority centrali e locali

On behalf of the Client, TowerLex engages with Central Administrations and Authorities (Government, Parliament, Agcom), Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, other Public Bodies and Local Authorities (Corecom) to obtain the authorisations and licences that are needed for the execution of activities and the achievement of business goals.

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